Cronjobs are very useful. They provide a great way to execute repetitive tasks. They are running our imports, sending our mails and making our backups.
Keeping track of them is not as easy however.
That's where cronist steps in.
Anytime a connection might be lost, a device goes offline or a cosmic ray hits a critical bit, your cronjob might fail.
You leave the tracking to cronist, whilst you go about your daily life.
Cronist will inform you about any cronjob that might need your attention.


Cronist aims to be a simple, reliable cron monitor.

  • Full support for any valid cron notation
  • Customizable notification mails
  • History of previous cronjobs
  • Tracks duration of your cronjobs
  • Timezone support
  • Dashboard for a quick overview

Cronist Plans

Small Medium Large
Number of cronjobs 5 25 25+
Weekly summary mails No No Yes
Monthly summary mails No Yes Yes
Support for status messages No No Yes
Multiple Users No No Yes
Monthly costs tbd tbd tbd